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Secretum Meum Mihi

"My Secret is Mine"

Edith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta) was a Jewish philosopher in Germany who became a Carmelite nun in 1934, but was murdered at Auschwitz. “Secretum meum mihi,” (It’s Latin for “my secret is mine.”) was her cryptic response when her best friend asked why she became a Catholic in 1922. She is our patroness at MY SECRET IS MINE.

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Don't you have a secret too?

At work, you never mention faith for fear of being misunderstood.

At church, you never mention your work because no one asks. 

And family challenges are often too personal to mention to the church ladies.

Friends and family have a rightful place in our hearts, but we often feel inadequate to meet their needs. The daily pace never slows. Even though it has been a century since Edith converted, women of faith still struggle to be taken seriously.

Published by Secretum Meum Mihi Press

We publish spirituality resources for Catholic women. Our parish study books are compiled from newsletter essays and bible studies originally published in My Secret is Mine newsletter.

Books written by My Secret is Mine collaborators are also found here, as well as links to purchase novels we have reviewed in the newsletter.

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The book cover for Holy Helpmates by Secretum Meum Mihi Press.
The book cover for The Glory To Be Revealed In You by Secretum Meum Mihi Press.
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Meet the Team

Secretum Meum Mihi Press was founded by Kristen McGuire in 2006. But she doesn’t write the newsletter alone.

Our team includes those who are married, divorced, widows, and single. Women of all ages and stages. Converts and cradle Catholics, who live in every corner of America. Women with extensive academic backgrounds… and extensive pew-sitting time. Women with humor who are grateful for their faith.

We are women with an audacious hope: that the Messiah makes all things new. So, meet the team!

Meet the Team

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