Secretum Meum Mihi Press

Holy Helpmates

Successful Male/Female Partnerships Through the Ages, by Kristen West McGuire

Since the day Mary Magdalene shared with St. Peter the good news of Jesus’ resurrection, men and women have worked side by side to share the gospel. This study book for Catholic women explores eleven sets of saintly friends and their activities in the context of history.

In this volume, you will discover:

  • the mother and daughter who helped St. Jerome translate the Bible into Latin
  • a saint who inspired medieval love poetry
  • the amazing story of how St. Clare’s order was approved
  • the background of the parents of the “Little Flower”
  • a 20th-century mystic who inspired a systematic theologian
  • and many more interesting tidbits on Catholic Church history and the saints.

The book cover for Holy Helpmates by Secretum Meum Mihi Press.