Pray for Couples Suffering from Infertility

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Prayers: For Couples Suffering from Infertility

by Kristen West McGuire

Long ago, in ancient Israel, infertility was considered a punishment from the Lord. Although we’ve ditched the divine hubris, infertility is still a source of serious emotional pain for an estimated one out of every five women in the U.S. alone. (For reference, in 2007, it was one out of eight.)

While medical advances have certainly provided hope, there is a darker side to medical intervention. Some of the treatments are not only invasive and painful, but against the teaching of the Catholic Church. When our deepest desires appears to be opposed by God himself, “painful” doesn’t begin to describe the experience.

The following websites are excellent resources for hope and healing:

Springs in the Desert is an infertility website devoted to Catholic couples with resources and emotional support.

The Pope Paul VI Institute develops morally and professionally acceptable reproductive health services for Catholic couples.

FemCatholic has published many good articles and resources for Catholic women on sexuality as well as infertility. The linked article is an excellent first-person essay by women “in the pews.”


*for all couples whose desire to have a family has not yet been fulfilled;

*that women suffering from infertility would meet compassionate and understanding friends who can accompany them on their journey;

*for the doctors who work with the women who are struggling to conceive, that they would be sensitive to their emotional needs and religious beliefs, and skillful in their medical care;

*for the families and friends who stand by the couples trying to conceive, that they would be led to show a loving attitude, and help the couple in any way possible, including financially;

*for those couples whose baby dies, that they would be comforted in their grief;

*that women who choose to undergo treatment that is not in keeping with the Catholic Church’s teachings might find peace and acceptance within the Church;

*for those couples who seek to adopt a child, that they would receive financial, spiritual and emotional support as their families grow; and

*for the complete repentance of those who, knowingly or unknowingly, say unkind or insensitive comments to couples experiencing infertility.


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